Sunday, October 26, 2008

First Major Doctor Appt

We went to the Dr for our 12 week appt. and was expecting to hear the hearbeat, have some labs, done and be done. Well, the Dr decided to do a surprise ultrasound because she felt I was larger than I should be and determined that baby was 4 days ahead!! The little one looked great and we he/ she even turned over to wave at us! We are just beyond happy! Here are the stats:

Mommy: 12 weeks, 4 days
Baby: 13 weeks, 1 day
Mommy's weight gain to date: 4 lbs
Crown to rump measurment: 6.9 cm
Gender Guess: Too early to guess
Heartbeat: 163 BPM

Our next appt is on my birthday, Nov 14. We are opting out of all genetic/ optional testing so are expecting a short, non- eventful one.

We are so blessed to be trusted with such a treasure!

I'm Officially a Blogger!!!

With so much going on, Todd and I decided to begin blogging. It makes keeping communication between out of town and distant family so much easier and makes a great momento to look back on and share.

Hope you enjoy!!

Breaking the News!

We began trying to conceive the end of March of this year, and 4 months and 3 weeks later, we got what we had been waiting for, a positive test. My mind raced all morning as to how to tell the new Daddy (-to-be). Coincidentally, I already had a Dr's appt scheduled for the following day and the next day it was confirmed; we were going to be parents! Because we absolutlely love animals, I decided to have our cat (Snowball) and dog (Buddy) break the news instead. I brought a yellow paci for Snow, and a blue one for Bud, tired them to their collars and waited for Todd to notice. It took some time, so I figured I had to speed up the process. I told him that the animals were doing something really cute (they always play together so he believed it) and he had to come and see. When he finally did, he didn't really know what to think. When he find out I what was going on and that I was serious, he, too was very happy. We were both very excited and overjoyed for such a blessing to be given to us. We agreed to wait to break the news to most, but we had already planned a trip out of state with my parents to visit with all of my extended family the following day. We agreed to tell all of them then since we were unsure on when we'd see them again.

We broke the news while everyone was together at Grandma's house and then again to the other side of my family when everyone was gathered for dinner. Everyone had been asking prior to the news, so at first no one wanted to believe it. After they realized we were serious, the reactions were priceless. Everyone was grinning ear to ear and, of all people, my Dad and brother cried with joy! It was absolutely priceless.

We were planning to keep the news from everyone until we hit the 3 month mark, but that didn't happen! Someone guessed very early on so we confessed and trusted them to keep our secret. They, too, were very happy for us and kept the secret to themselves. We told the rest of Todd's immediate family on his parents anniversary when we were approx. 9 weeks along (because everyone was guessing, wondering and questioning it). After they were told, his remaining family was told as well.