Thursday, February 26, 2009

32 Weeks Today!!!

YAH!!!!!! I can't explain how exciting the day has been. We went to our appt today and it could not have went any better! All "checks" were great and I don't need to return in a week since the meds are doing their job. The Dr also ordered a u/s to check Elijah's growth so we got to see our little man once again! He wouldn't show his face (he covered it with his hand), but was very proud to show us his little boy parts!!! He still has very long legs and has grown like a weed!! Right now he's head down so I pray that he either stays that way or remembers how he got there if he decides to start flipping around again! Although I'm very happy about hearing that he's head down, I was a little surprised. He is ALWAYS kicking me clear on the sides of my belly so I was sure he was still lying sideways!!! Regardless, we couldn't be happier!!!

We didn't get any good pics this time, but I did post one of him in his favorite pose. Can you guess what it is?

Appt Stats:

Mommy's weight: 142.8 ( I gained over 4lbs..... in 1 WEEK !!!)
Total weight gain to date: 26.8 lbs
Fundal height: Right on target. Perfect
Baby's heart rate: 150 BPM
Baby's approx weight: 4 lbs, 5 ounces ( gained 1.5 lbs in 3 weeks)
Baby's position: head down!!! (Now he just has to stay that way!)

Like I said, he wouldn't show his face, but was happy to show off his little boy parts :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In Loving Memory

This weekend we got the news that Todd's Grandmother passed. Although I've personally only known her for about 4 years, I could tell she was a great lady and had a heart of gold. She was always so supportive of Todd and I and loved to talk, knit, and read. As a matter of fact, I think our first converstation with just the two of us was about a book that she recommended me to read! I remember her sharing short stories about how race relations were back when she was our age, and despite that, she always made me feel welcome and treated us as the people we are, two individuals that love each other greatly and just happen to be of different races.

She was truly one of a kind and everyone that knew her should both consider themselves lucky and a better person simply for being blessed with knowing her. Although it is sad for everyone to know that she is no longer with us, it is truly a blessing in disguise. She is now free of mind, body, and spirit and truly at peace. Baby Elijah, as well as the other little ones soon making their appearences, have another very special angel watching over them.

Grandma McCrary, you will truly be missed. You are gone, but not forgotten.

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Daddy Time!

Todd and I are getting so close to the end and are getting so excited. It hard to believe that, God willing, we'll have a little one in less than 10 weeks! He is getting so big and so strong. It's crazy seeing him moving in the center of my belly and seeing him kick on the side of my belly at the same time. It's just so hard to believe he's that big! And it seems like Elijah just loves to kick Daddy in the head!!!! Here's a few pics of Todd having some One on One Daddy time.

A few little fun facts about the Little Man:
* He loves playing hide and seek. If you find him, he soon dodges your hand and runs away to another spot.

* He gets the hiccups at least 2x/ day now. Sometimes, it gets him so aggitated that he begins fighting in there, kicking and squirming all over the place.

* He's already camera shy and not to fond of being recorded.

* He is VERY active!! No sugar, caffeine, etc. needed!

Lights, Camera, Action!!

I'm so excited!!!! We just booked an in- home maternity photographer!!! Now I just pray that 1) I will still feel up to it and 2) that he stays put!! I am just beside myself right now!!!
This is his first maternity shoot (and giving us 1/2 off) so we're all going to be pretty new to this. Now I have to get busy finding websites with poses to copy, outfit ideas, props, etc. Decisions, decisions!!!

If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to e-mail me or leave them in the comment section.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

31 Week (30w, 4 d) Dr Appt.

Not much to report from today's appointment. So no news, in our case, is great news! It was a very easy, quick, non- eventful visit for the most part. Since I haven't been having contractions, the Dr. didn't want to "go plundering around" when there's no apparent reason to. He again explained that I'll be on the medication until I'm 36 weeks and then at that point I'll be taken off and the bed rest may be even more modified (and even then I need to take it easy). He stated that every week that I make being on bed rest is a major milestone, but they really want me to go at LEAST until the 36 week mark. I'm pretty confident that we'll be fine, and am pushing for at least 38.

Just by going on my measurements alone, the Dr. said that Little Man is measuring well and according to my last ultrasound, even seems a little ahead for his size, which is great news.

Mommy's Weight: 138.6 Total weight gain: 22.6 lbs)
Estimated Baby Weight: N/A
Baby's Heartrate: 141 (Beginning to drop and level off)
Baby's Position: N/A

Since I didn't have any fun pics or anything to post, here's a little clip of our Little Man in action. He's usually really shy and stops moving as soon as I turn on the camera, but I was able to catch a little of him this time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Childbirth Class #3: Hospital Tour

You'd think that after I ended up having to stay, a tour of the hospital would be the last thing I'd want, but I was actually looking forward to it and really enjoyed it. We got to see all the different types of rooms, learn about security measures in place, reoutine procedures, and a special visit to see all the cute little babies in the nursery and the NICU. Both were very subtly decorated, but the overall atmoshere was very soothing and relaxing. I was amazed at how quiet they were, esp. the NICU. I was expecting a lot of hustle and bustle, crying, and beeping machines, and heard very little of any of that. The tour would've been a lot more enjoyable if I couldn't have walked around with everyone instead of being in a wheelchair (but I'm very thankful that I was even able to do that.)

As for the rest of class..... how can I explain it??????? Um....... eye opening!!! We mainly talked about all the different types of interventions. A lot of my thoughts on medication were said to be true (which is why I'm going to TRY to go without any including an epidural), but what really got me was the discussion about inductions! Coming from a RN's (the instructor), I couldn't believe some of the selfish reasons Dr's (and some patients) use to validate getting one! Vacations, being on call that day and not wanting to just sit around, just being tired of being pregnant, out of town guests, golf trips, etc!!! Is that really more important that the health of a child???? I'd like to say that it horible for the Dr to do this, but to be honest, I want to say it's more on the women for going along with it and agreeing. Just my opinion though :)

Anyways, my next project is to finish researching relaxation techniques for labor. I have a running list with about 10 ideas on it so far so that still needs adding to (if you know of any, please let me know so I can add them). Like I said, my goal is to go med-free, BUT I'm still trying to prepare myself to not be disappointed if it doesn't come about that way. (After all, the instructor described the hospital as "epidural country" with 95- 99% of women opting to use it. )

If you have any advice (other than "Get ALL the meds you can" or "You better get that epidural!"), resources/ website, please send it my way. Both Todd and I will definitely appreciate it. You may have the one thing that will save Todd from having his head ripped off during the whole process!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Free At Last!! Free At Last!!!

YAH!!!! After being on bedrest for a little over a week, I got outside!!!!! And it wasn't for a childbirth class or Dr's appt!!!! For Valentines weekend, Todd dropped me off at a local spa and I got to relax while getting a manicure and pedicure!!! AHHH!!!!!! Then we went to Babies R Us for a while (with me in a wheelchair, of course), and did a little shopping (which I really missed ) and ended the evening with a nice Valentines dinner. Despite having to wait over an hour to be seated, I can't explain how good it felt to be NOT staring at 4 walls and a TV!!!! Todd did a great job lifting my spirits! I feel so refreshed!!!!

Then we ended our weekend with finishing up some last minute packing for the hospital and started loading up the car. I packed 2 outfits (one cooler one warmer) in each size (just in case he's bigger or smaller than expected I have premie, under 8 lbs, and over 8lbs) but here's a few pics of the under and over 8. I can't wait to see him in his little outfits!! He's gonna be so handsome!!!

This one is if he's under 8 lbs.I know we'll probably loose the booties before we even get home, but I just had to get them! I also packed a little jacket, but forgot to take a pic.

This is if he's over 8 lbs. I like this one too, but I'm hoping he'll get to wear the first.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Got Exactly What I Prayed For...... I just Didn't Know What That Entailed!!!

LOL!! When I first thanked God for Little Elijah the day we found out we were expecting, I prayed for a healthy, active baby. Well, I didn't exactly know what I was in for when I added the active part!! This little man has my belly dancing contantly!! I could get up at 2 am to go to the bathroom and as soon as I get back in the bed, the little man literally feels like he is bouncing of the walls of my belly!!! Bump to the front, then bump to the left!!!! Bump to the back, bump, bump bump!!! Don't get me wrong, I love that he IS so active, but never imagined a baby could be THIS active. It seems like my body is being taken over and it's just crazy watching by belly jiggle in every which way. I'm gonna be in it when he finally decides to turn and has my ribs to fight with!!

Nonetheless, it get a good laugh every time and just reminds me of what all this bed rest is for and really puts everything in prespective.

I can only wonder if this means that he's going to remain this active after he is born!!!!

My lopsided belly!!!! Can you guess where the
little man is?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Update From My Follow up with Dr

Wow!!!! What can I say? Prayer works and the Lord is looking over us!! I went in today for my follow up, and although I'm now officially on bedrest, everything went great.

There was no further shortening, no dilation, or other change so that alone was great news. I was told that I would be on the medication until probably 36 weeks and the bed rest time frame all depends on what my body wants to do. With me just starting the medication and it being WAY to early to deliver, she wanted to keep me on bedrest to be on the safe side and to at least get me further along to where the little man would be safe if delivered early. She explained that if everything continues with no changes, it may be lifted.

To make things even better with this situation, everything at work worked out fine as well. I am fortunate enough to have a job where most can be done at home anyways, but I have to go out at least 2-3x week to check on clients,be in the office, and attend meetings. My boss is very understanding and has agreed to having me work strictly from home so that is another huge blessing.

As for the little man, he continues to have a party in there and was really showing off at the Dr's office! The Dr was trying measure me, and couldn't get it accurately because he just wouldn't stop moving!! She would just stand back and laugh as she watched my belly flip flop around!! He kicked her the instant she put that measuring tape on me!!! I had no idea a baby could be this active! He is up from the time I wake at 8a, until PAST the time I go to bed with very little resting thoughout the day. As I sit here and type this at 12:30 am, he is STILL flipping around like crazy! I thought baby's slept too???? LOL. I think he's definitely going to be a night owl like his Mommy :)

Todd is also doing muc better. The bug has pretty much passed. I was really feeling sorry for him having to sit around, but he really needed the down time to just sit back and (somewhat) relax after the hospital ordeal. His energy is still a little low, but he is doing so much better than he was over the weekend.

Although I'm on bedrest, I'm VERY happy with the outcome of everything.!! I'll take bedrest as a sign that I need to slow down and enjoy the little things ( like every single roll and every single kick to the bladder). I couldn't have asked for everything to turn out any better!! Todd's almost back to himself, Baby's great, and overall, I'm healthy as well. I have so much to be thankful for!!

Appt stats:

Mommy's weight gain: 19 lbs (current weight: 135)
Baby's hearrate: approx 149
fundal height: 28 cm (but couldn't get accurate measure because of his movement!)

(29 Weeks, 4 days)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Expanding Belly

Well, since I'm on bed rest until at least my next appt. on Monday ( See 29 weeks update in "Where Has the Time Went?" blog for details if you're not up to date), I might as well blog away, huh??? This is my 3rd one today I think. Anyways, I got a call today and was told that I needed to post some pics of my belly so here they are!!!! Todd took these last week at 28 weeks (and 17.6 lbs heavier :) ) We are planning to have professional ones done and have found a couple photographers willing , but with me now on bedrest, we'll have to wait an see how everything plays out before going any further with planning that.

Here's my belly progression starting at 5 weeks. (Click on it to enlarge)
***** 30 Week Belly Pic Added*****

Updated up to 36 weeks

It's Great to Be Home!

First off, I want to thank EVERYONE that came by to visit while I was in the hospital and that sent there well wishes and prayers for us. We really appreciate it and it definitely made things so much easier.

I am so glad to be out of the hospital!!! Although I'm having a hard time resting ALL DAY long, it beats having another hospital stay! The medication that I'm on seems to be working great as I think I've had less than a handful of contractions so far. And as for the little one, Elijah has been......well....Elijah; moving constantly and enjoying himsself. My lower tummy is still a bit achy (which they said is normal), but overall I'm feeling great! God has truly been taking care of me. The only issue that I have right now is not being able to sleep through the night due to having to get up 2x for medication.

Unfortunately, Todd is now sick ( a bit of the flu bug), so now it's his turn to rest and recoup as well. He's spent most of his time in the restroom, poor thing! He too, is on a few meds so we are both just hanging around the house, eating, relaxing... and staying medicated!!! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as well.

Preparing for Baby

Getting things in place forLittle Elijah has been so much fun. Every since we found out we were pregnant, I've been wanting to get started on his room right away! We had his crib, dresser, and changing table all ready for the little man in October and I've been stocking up un diapers, wipes, etc every since.

When Christmas rolled around, he might as well already been here because it was all about him! He recieved TONS and TONS of presents. We received nearly half of the items on one of our registries and lots of other thoughtful gifts for him, including items to complete his room. He's receiving packages addressed to him in the mail full of goodies and he's not even here yet!! Thanks so much everyone! We are so blessed!!!

O.k. back to the nursery. We had a really had time deciding what kind of theme we wanted but in the end, we decided on Baby Looney Tunes because 1) we wanted something somewhat neutral for the next little one and 2) we could use some wall pictures that Todd made for the room. It didn't turn out quite like I imagined, and we ran into issues with the border not wanting to stick, but all in all, we are very satisfied with it. We both agree that it is very relaxing. I have spent several nights sitting in the rocker, lights off with only the tap lights on (that I put up for middle of the night feedings) reading or listening to his little lullaby CD's. We are still debating on painting the lower half of the wall green and we need to put up another wall picture, but other than that, the nursery is done and all it needs is a baby!!

Here's a few pics:

Elijah's crib with Looney Toon bedding and mobile before the border was put up.

Dresser and his library (mostly big boy books)
Cozy nursing/ reading corner
1of 2 of the wall pictures that Daddy made!

Changing table ( FULLY STOCKED :)

And my new obsession:


A few outfits for each size (and jackets, coats, shoes, etc)

A good stock of onesies
clothes!!! Although he already had plenty, my Mom and I went out last week and bought him LOTS more. It's just so hard to pass up a good sale!!! I know they say that you shouldn't buy much in the beginning, but both Todd and I agreed that what Elijah doesn't/ can't wear, we can either save for next little one or pass it on to someone that can, Either way, it's not a loss!
We are so ready for Elijah to join us!!!!
Thanks again to everyone! We truly appreciate you and are truly grateful!

Where Has the Time Went??? Time to Play Catch Up!!!!

Wow! It's hard to believe, but I'm now 29 weeks and all in all, it's been an easy pregnancy.... up until a few days ago. I've been keeping a little jounal throughout so I'll play catch up on here appointment by appointment first and then get to that.

17/ 18 Week Appointment
Everything went great and because of some minor cramps, I had a ultrasound done and surprise!!!!! It's a BOY!!!! He gladly showed us his little boy parts!! Both Todd and I just broke down instantly. We were so overwhelmed with joy! He was wiggling away and enjoying himself in there. The techs were amazed at how active he was!!

Unfortunately, a few days after my appt. I had what I thought was a leak and was sent to Labor and Delivery to be checked out. It ended up that it wasn't amniotic fluid, fluid levels were fine, and all test came back normal. So..... the leak was.... nothing at all . I also found out that I was having contractions ( which I couldn't feel at all) and was given a dose of terbutaline that knocked them out with the first dose. I had to follow up with my primary Dr a few days later and all was fine and he's doing great!!!

His little boy parts! Don't worry! I had no idea what I was looking at either. (It's the little part in the middle pointing down :) )

Look at that long leg!!! (17 weeks, 1 day)

Look at that beautiful profile!! ( 17 weeks, 1 day)

Stats for this appt:
* Mommy's total weight gain- 5 lbs ( current weight 121 lbs)
* Blood work results- Still slightly anemic. Put on iron supplements.
* Felt first kick this week!!!

20/ 21 Week Appointment

We had the big anatomy scan today and to be honest, I was very nervous about what we may find out. We opted not to have any of the optional testing for defects early on. We just feel that if God intended us to have a special needs child, then so be it. We both agree that no matter what the outcome of test, we would keep the child and enjoy it as a great blessing no matter what so why have them to begin with!Anyways, all came out great and he is looking perfect! He's measuring on time and there were no issues seen from the ultrasound at all. We say his little kidneys, heart, stomach, and and main arterery and were amazed! We are just so blessed :)

Two little feet
Our little man scratching his head!! (20 weeks)
Appt stats:
* Mommy's total weight gain- 9.5 lbs (current weight 125.5 lbs)
* Little one's heartrate- 160 BPM
* Little ones estimated weight- 14 ounces
25 Week Appointment
Everything continues to be fine with little Elijah. Didn't have an ultrasound or anything at this appt so not much to post about other than stats.
* Mommy's total weight gain- 13lbs (Current weight 129lbs)
* Baby's Heartrate: Around 153 BPM
* Mommy's fundal height: 25 cm


28 Week Appointment (Jan. 26, 09)
I had my glucose tolerance test today and an ultrasound to check Little Man's growth. I passed with flying colors and Mr. Man is growing just as he should. He's right on track or a couple days ahead on every measurment except his femur, which was measuring 30 weeks even so we're pretty sure he's going to be a long/ tall baby!!! Had a few other tests and all came out fine.
This whole experience has been beyond amazing! He moves more and more everyday and the kicks get stronger and stronger.He now has the hiccups everyday now and I just love it! Despite seeing the numbers go up on the scale and seeing my belly expand, it's still so hard to believe that this is all real. Just knowing that God has given us this gift and has trusted me with carrying him and us with raising him is undescribable. We are so grateful. There have been so many nights where I just lay in bed with my hands on my belly just to enjoy every movement and take it all in.
Mommy's total weight gain: 18.6lbs (current weight: 134.6)
Little One's Estimated Weight: 2 lbs, 9 oz.
Little One's Position: Transverse (but has plenty time to turn)
Little One's Heartrate: Between 152- 156 BPM

29 weeks
Well, here's where things went downhill. Just 6 days after my appt, I began having what I thought were contractions. At first, I thought it was just the little man moving around, but it was going on almost all day from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed and there was no way he could be that active without rest. Well, the next day it continues and didn't seem to let up so I called my Dr.
I was seen an hour later and had test run. It was confirmed that I was having contractions and to make matters worst, the little man's heartrate had dropped a couple of times that was enough to concern them. I also found out that my cervix had shortened a bit. I was sent to Labor and Delivery immediately for preterm labor.
I get there, and they give me a shot of terbutaline to stop the contractions but it didn't help so they later gave me another..... then another.....then another.They also notice dips in his hearrate and said that if they continue to have big drops, they'd have to deliver!!!!!! Luckily, after that, I guess he decided that he wanted to remain in there and not meet us yet, because he straightned up and never had any further issues. After the 4th dose of terbutaline, they decided to try Procardia. A day and a half, about 6 doses of Procardia later, the contractions tame down enough for them to send me home BUT I have to continue to take procardia every 4 hrs in addition to being on bedrest til my next appt. on Monday. Even after the appt, the Dr's at L&D are sure I will need to stay on it. This was all really disappointing and really hard to take in. Everything was going so well throughout this pregnancy; not even a day of morning sickness. Then this happens so I was really taken aback.
Although I know it is what's best for both of us, I really fear being put on bedrest pemanently. It was bad enough having to stay in bed and stare at a TV for 2 days in the hospital; I can't imagine having 8+ weeks of that.
The good news is that the little man was great and was very active from the beginning (even before the meds so I'm sure they didn't affect him). The nurses were all going nuts because they had to keep returning to my room to re- adjust the monitor on him b/c he wouldn't stay still!! Todd was great the entire time and was very supportive. If it weren't for his strength and God's hands thoughout this, it would have been near unbearable for me.
It's amazing how much you can love and care for someone that you've never even seen or met.
Hang in there Little Man. We love you very much!!!!
Please keep us in your prayers.
Mommy's total weight gain: 17.6 lbs ( current weight: 133.6)
Estimated baby weight: 3 lbs even